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DH Party @ Norwood

I had so much fun co-hosting the Double Happiness book Fetê along side Harper's Bazzar's (international) fashion editor Caitlin Burke and Hosts Stephanie Wells & Alisa Rottenberg; the Dynamic Duo behind Double Happiness Jewellery! (And no, it had nothing to do with my vodka & a splash of Valium straight up but, it did help to take the edge off.)

The event was held at the exclusive Norwood club and went off without a hitch! I knew from the get that the party was going to be fan-friggin-tastic  because of all the positive energy that the guests, the hosts and the venue exuded.

Conversation and Cosmos continued to  flow while we gathered together to admire this AMAZING collection! Some of our guests included, Lindsey Benoit from Self Mag, Tamara Rappa & Janelle Hickman from O Mag, Rita Polidori from Earnshaw Mag, Dana Schuster from the NY Post, acclaimed photographer; Derek Reed, Ralph Lauren Model, Chris Collins and of course Up & Coming fashion designers Daniella Kallmeyer (Recipient of Designer's choice award from Bravo's The Fashion show with Isaac Mizrahi) and Ellie Owen-both of whom will be fashion's new sweethearts within the next two years.

Event photographer, Steven Zak was there to capture the essence of this enchanted evening. I swear to you that I'm not even exaggerating when I say that we couldn't help but be overwhelmed with inspiration from the moment that we walked through the door!

At the end of the day, all of the editors, fashion bloggers and most importantly the buyers, LOVED the new collection.... No big surprise there.

Peace Love and Double Happiness yo.
Sam Jones

To veiw all of the pictures from the evening click HERE!

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  1. I love the valium/vodka combo! I'd love to host an event for you!

    Tonia Z Shaw to be