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Ari Soffer "Rocks" My World.

Ari Soffer, who's entire line is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT an extension of himself, can be summed up in three words "FUCKING BAD ASS".

Indubitably known for "Blinging it on" Ari's diamond and gem stone pieces (all set by hand in Los Angeles) range anywhere from  $1500-$150k. Needless to say his clientele is made up of an elite circle of Baller's along the likes of Tommy Lee,Schwarzenegger, Entourage sex pot; Jeremy Piven, Colin Farrel, Djimon Hounsou, Robbie Williams, Steven Tyler,Vanessa Milano, and"American Beauty" Mena Suvari, to name a few.

"Our leather's toughness, irreverence & take-no-shit style appeals to chicks, rockers and celebs within LA & all over. It's  made for people who demand perfection and want to feel what it's like to have blood in their veins."-Soffer

Besides Jewelry Ari turns everyday clothing,bags, furniture and weapons of choice into luxurious yet edgy works of art that would transform even the dorkiest of dorks or up tight finance guy into a
 Cool Mo-Fo instantaneously.

For more information or to purchase something from Ari Soffer's line: CLICK HERE.

Enough Economic Bullshit. Live, Breathe, Buy. Soffer Ari - American Made Luxury Bags. Jewelry. Accessories. For All People.

Phone: 310 849 9272
Fax: 424 204 9690
Address: 850 S Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035


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