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Walking into the Max Azria show was surreal. Just a few years ago I worked retail for him, and now, I had a seat. As I was walking through the door I was spotted.... "Jen!!" a girl screamed excitedly, as I looked up it was one of my old coworkers. She looked at me, and said...."How do you have a seat?" my response? "It's all about the leather." Maybe I should have held my tongue because to my dismay there was not much leather at all. 

The room was simple and elegant, the music was soft and subtle. It had a very zen feeling with light grays and whites, seating up the walls, between the runway, and then up against the other wall where I was firmly planted in my 4th row seat. The first row was designated for all the "important" people aka the celebs who I guess were too important to actually attend. I heard buzz about Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, an Kelly Rowland, but none were there to be seen, however the people who were there were there for one common reason- the collection. 

Max Azria Spring 2011, is not much different than his last few collections. The materials are light, airy, silky, and totally ethereal. He used warm beiges, whites, seafoam greens and obviously black. The collection seemed to be slightly Chanel and Calvin/Helmut inspired from cropped tweed jackets to black scoop neck sheath dresses. Although the Azrias did a good job at keeping me interested in the details.. nothing was truly "different", although beautiful indeed. This may be brash, but stop playing it safe, and get your own aesthetic, it seems as though every collection has been drawn from someone else's. That being said, they are great at making knock- offs and should probably continue what they're best at- the clothing is undeniably beautiful.


Jen Moore

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