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NYFW SP11: Duckie Brown

First off let me just start by saying that Daniel Silver and Steven Cox are my FAVORITE designers to work with.  They always call me an hour or so before they're looking to come in and start the convo with "Sam, I know it's last minute but, we only have 20 minutes or so"- two hours go by and all three of our stomachs are killing us from laughing so hard. They're the happiest couple I know, I'm inspired by their presence alone.

The show got off to a late start but once the lights started to dim and the music started to pump I started to get chills. The energy was INSANE.

There were no bells and whistles as far as the set up but with good reason- the clothing was the decoration.  I LOVED how they mixed different prints, different fabrics and different colors! Clearly their inspiration was derived from Fun & Happiness. Their palette reminded me of Eden Rock in Saint Barth's... I would love to see my significant other rocking this trendy, quirky, chill collection.



Sam Jones

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