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 The rain was falling, my hair was frizzing, and my feet were blistered from the 5 inch wedges I dubbed my "fashion week shoes" which  I consequently stuffed my feet into. I got to the show about 15 minutes early and patiently waited for my plus one Andrew to show up. Upon his arrival I excitedly pulled out my invitation and anxiously awaited my seating assignment. Much to my disappointment the woman simply stated- "You're standing." I held my tongue took a flute of champagne and moseyed on in. 

There were white picnic benches set up in a U shape with seating in the middle as well as along the sides. On the seats were tiny black boxes which made me want a seat even more. Andrew and I took our places against the wall, but this was Libra's leather, and I deserved a seat- so I took one. The chatter about the show got progressively louder, and the room was filled with excitement. They let the anticipation grow for about 45 minutes, the lights cued, the music sounded, and the show began. 

The first dress down the runway was an eye catcher- a honey colored white trim halter dress. It was fun flirty, and set the mood for the rest of the show. The clothing was elegant, bright, flowy, and totally chic. It was a modern spin on classic European style, and there was SO MUCH LEATHER! There were leather trimmed jackets, leather bustiers, leather skirts, and leather hoodies. I LOVED IT ALL. The clothing moved with ease and the prints were bright and warm- even the shoes supplied by Via Spiga were to die for. All I can say is Shaun Kearney- you rocked it. The collection was the perfect combination of edgy refined chic.


Jen Moore

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