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NYFW SP11 Kimberly Ovitz, Made Her Think & LNA

So it's the second night of Fashion Week in NYC and Milk Studio was, of course, a "shit show". There were about 6 designers presenting their Spring 2011 collections in various spaces spread out along the 8th floor with very little direction as to which room belonged to which designer. I'm talking MASSES of people scrambling around like sheep. Not Surprised. Perhaps signs with the exhibitors name should have been larger then the 8x10 sheet of paper that was camouflaged by the hundreds upon hundreds of visitors. I Love Milk Studio for individual presentations but when they're hosting multiple showcases theres usually chaos- especially during Fashion Week. 

After 10 minutes of frustration, I finally found Kimberly Ovitz's room and was BLOWN AWAY-well worth the few minutes of aggravation. 

One Word: LOVE. The set up really represented Kim's abstract, minimalist aesthetic with this amazing architectural white zig-zag display where the models were on display. 

This is by far my favorite of her collections. Each piece was chic, classic, edgy and sexy with subtle hints of her modern punk persona. I love that there were no colors but, rather shades of black and white demonstrating both good & evil. (That's how I interpreted it anyway.) The only thing that I wasn't crazy about was the leather, or the lack there of... 

p.s. The models were all wearing the same rocker-chic booties-Loved!!!





Besides being one of the coolest women I know, Meredith Kahn is a creative force to be reckoned with.  Made Her Think is my favorite (affordable) everyday jewelry. In fact, i've been rocking my knuckle buster pave ring every day for the last two years! I've recently started working with Meri on her "with-it" leather handbags. I love this new collection, it's innovative, cutting edge and reminiscent of Tim Burton & Marie Antoinette's love child. (Um... who's hat am I wearing?)

MHT Look Book... LOVE!!!

Truth be told; I walked into the LNA presentation for nothing more then shits and giggles. Although cute and comfy, I don't find the line so interesting but, then again, if they threw some leather into the mix-they might be on to something! (Call Me.)

 There were however, the most interesting looking, fashionable people in the LNA spot. So since I liked the vibe, I decided to stick around...

Conde Nast (Don't leave home without em)


Sam Jones

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