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Stylish Stimulus

Recently, a barrage of articles linking fashion trends to the status of the economy have been popping up all over the internet (google fashion + economy or just read the Times).  One NY Times article claimed the higher the heel, the worse the economy (someone send that memo to YSL who charges upwards of $700 clams for their sky-high platforms – which by the way I absolutely adore in every single color).  Another article noted that nail polish sales have drastically gone up (why pay for a Mani Pedi when you can do it yourself?) as women’s underwear sales decrease (because who needs underwear when you’re in a recession??).  While I think these pseudo-researchers have way too much time on their hands, I do suppose there is some truth behind these interesting but useless facts.  The term “skyscraper heels” was coined during the Great Depression, where women would find the highest heels they could as a cheap way to “cheer themselves up” according to some experts (hell-looo 6inch Louboutins, you would certainly cheer me up).  And lipstick sales were on the rise back then as well (I do agree – the combo of red lipstick and the highest heels possible can turn a crap day fabulous)  Anyway, in my humble opinion, the best way to bolster the economy is to support it!

Here are some ways


Christian Louboutin Ballarina Heels (I die for these - if I didn't break my neck first)

Yves Saint Laurent 
YSL Tribtoo Pumps - (
Chanel Lipstick - Rouge Allure (

Eugenia Kim Hat (
xo - Stephanie D'Andrea

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