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The New York Times Fashion Week Photo Diary: Eric Ray Davidson


On December 15, 2011 The Rooftop Sessions at Siren will present The New York Times
Fashion Week Photo Diary by photographer Eric Ray Davidson. These eleven
photographs printed 8 by 12 feet, document New York Fashion Week from a thoughtful
and artistic perspective. Davidson is a monthly contributor to GQ, Details and Elle
Magazine; he is based in both New York and Los Angeles. The exhibit will be hosted by Jessica Joffe.
The New York Times Style Magazine’s Senior Photo Editor, Judith Puckett-Rinella
comments, “Eric Ray Davidson's behind-the-scenes fashion show photographs are
wonderfully compelling, striking a new chord that resonates both with the surreal
nature of the back stage madness and the very business of the pure, raw details that
make it all come together. In the midst of the mayhem, he manages to keep a clear
elegant perspective in which he sheds the most provocatively beautiful light on his
subjects all the while creating a winning body of work that you can’t take your eyes off

Using only ambient light and his fly-on-the-wall approach, Davidson captures the
ironies, oddities and subtleties of fashion natives in their natural habitat. Works on
view include: Tommy & Stam, a kiss between designer Tommy Hilfiger and model
Jessica Stam. Bagged Model, a peculiar backstage moment. Stress, a model anxiously
trying to find a cab after a show and Kanye Leaving Proenza.
This is Davidson’s third exhibition of this series. Previous shows were held at Los
Angeles Boutique Confederacy, hosted by Eva Mendes, and New York’s Collective
Hardware on Bowery. 

Available for sale the night of the event will be a series of signed posters as well as
limited edition art prints All proceeds from sales of the posters will benefit THERAsurf
as well as a portion of proceeds from remaining artworks.
THERAsurf is a diverse collective of parents, professionals, and members of the surf
community. Surfing has been found to be incredibly healing to children with autism and
other special needs. THERAsurf’s goal is to provide these children the opportunity to
benefit from that positive energy by safely getting them into the water, and up on
waves, as well as getting them to be a part of a community.
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If you're in the LA Area definitely go check it out... 

Sam Jones

Thursday, December 15th, 2011 6pm-11pm
Siren Studios
6063 W. Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028


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