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Keeping up with "The Times"....

I will admit it. The only reason I have the Sunday NY Times delivered is for the “What I Wore” column. Which, I unwittingly learned is not a weekly column. On the off weeks I amuse myself with the wedding announcements, but I live and die for “What I Wore”. “WIW” is the most inspirational of all columns, in my humble opinion. For those of you unfamiliar with the content of my beloved column, I’ll give it to you in a nutshell: A “celebrity” of some sort (actors, well-known hair stylists, journalists and women in NY society) chronicles their week’s activities, detailing exactly what was worn for each event. Usually, it goes something like this: “Monday, 9am – It was a typical NYC winter day so I threw on cream flannel Michael Kors trousers, a cream Gap longsleeved tee and my cream and cocoa Chanel tweed jacket. To keep warm, my chocolate brown, rabbit-lined Givenchy booties and a cashmere Burberry scarf, which I wrapped around my head for extra warmth”. Inevitably they always “throw” stuff on, like it’s no big deal and traipse around NYC in these amazing outfits. Some might have a hard time understanding why THIS is such the inspirational story for me. I, myself am not quite sure. Being a very visual person, reading the detailed descriptions of these often impressive outfits does inspire me to peek into my own closet and see what I can “throw” on for the day. Secretly (or not so secretly) it is a goal to be featured in a NY Times “What I Wore” column.  Ahh - maybe 1 day.

What I'd Wear...

Helmut Lang 

Helmut Lang Stretch Leather Skinny Pants (

Kristen Blake Crop Faux Fur Jacket -

Burberry Crochet Detail Cashmere Cardigan -

style #313085301 black leather 'Roman 120' button detail booties

Christian Louboutin Black Leather Roman 120 Button Detail Booties -

xx - Stephanie D’Andrea

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